Season 5

E6 · Damien Sands

Jealous over Sean's new-found fame, Christian convinces Sean to tape a... more

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A Perfect Lie by The Engine Room

Theme Song

A Perfect Lie

The Engine Room

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Is it you? Tell Us!


Is it you? Tell Us!

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S5 · E11 · Kyle Ainge
what is the song that came when christian was talking to his son about his mother? more
S5 · E16 · Gene Shelly
what is the background song at around 11/12 mins when kimber is looking at christians scar? more
S5 · E3 · Everett Poe
Hey, I want to know if someone know the song when Christian is in a pub and talk with a... more

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Don't You Want Me

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Everybody's Got to Learn Sometime by Beck

Everybody's Got to Learn Sometime

Fame - 1999 Remaster by David Bowie

Fame - 1999 Remaster

David Bowie

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