Season 4

E10 · Atonement

Jack is torn between Emily and the new woman in his life, while Nolan and... more

Nolan shows up at Louise's yacht to apologize to her, then offers her a spot co-hosting an event with him to make up for wrong going.
Nolan & Louise make their entrance to the event, the pose for photos and make small chat; Amy makes her appearance then David asks her not interfere with his current plans.
Louise & Nolan dance, she tells him about her brother and that she needs to get away from her family.
Nolan scans Kate's phone as Emily stand guard then Jack appears confirming they have the phone then they all make a plan put the phone back; Kate confronts Emily about her missing phone.
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At the party, Emily distracts Kate with small talk.
Louise & Nolan dance, she tells him about her brother, Lyman, and that she needs to stay away from her family.
Emily and Nolan talk about Kate, then Jack arrives and presents Kate to Emily and Nolan spills his drink on Kate.
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What was the score that played when Daniel died
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What was the song playing when Nolan "accidentally" spilled his martini on Kate?
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For You by Angus & Julia Stone

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For You

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