Season 2

E7 · Gilead

Since The League has SAMCRO members behind bars, the club must make new... more

(0:13) Opie stops by Caracara to ask Lyla to get him some coke.
(0:17) Gemma talks to Oswald while choir sings at the church.
(0:26) At Caracara, Lyla brings Opie a jacket to cover up the blood on his shirt.
(0:36) Oswald tells Gemma he posted bail for the guys and she needs to keep them out of trouble.
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(0:43) Jax warns Stahl of the dangers of being a Fed; Gemma and Tara watch as the guys as they return to the clubhouse and Jax splits off from the group.

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Think there are errors in Stars, Tell Me, and It's a Sight to Behold. The Amazon links bring up no results, and the one for Tell Me doesn't even bring up music. It brings up technology related results.
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