As seen in How to Get Away with Murder S2E12:
Wes tells Laurel his theory about what happened between his mother and Annalise; Michaela comforts Caleb, they kiss; Bonnie tells Asher she can't be his person; Bonnie cries inside her apartment.

As seen in Guilt S1E1:
The Ending Sequence.

As seen in Guilt S1E1:
Club sequence (Remix), into the original track playing when they arrive at the house party.

As seen in Guilt S1E1:
Natalie arrives at the apartment.

As seen in Nashville S5E3:
Clayton plays outside the cafe when Maddie exits mesmerized by his singing she drops one of her drinks; Clayton returns to playing aftert his flirtation with Maddie.

As seen in Nashville S5E15:
Juliette records a new song for her new album, Maddie watches to catch sight of Juliette's recording process.

As seen in Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments S2E14:
Clary is forced by the Fairy Queen to kiss Jace in order to save him. Clary shares a passionate kiss with Jace; Simon is freed from the vines and he stares at Clary and Jace, looking wounded.

As seen in Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments S2E14:
Isabelle tells Raphael that she wants to fight for them but he rejects her, fearing that their relationship was formed out their addiction; Clary bangs on Simon's door but he refuses to answer.

As seen in Nashville S5E19:
At the fundraiser, Deacon talks with Jessie

As seen in Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments S2E18:
(Flashback) Alec wakes up in bed with Magnus and asks him about his fears.

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