As seen in:

End of episode with Ty and Amy leaving for France and then flashes to Georgie gentling Trouble.

As seen in:

Liz is released from holding; Donald tells Harold he wants to go back to being a field agent again; Laurel has a drink with Red; Liz spots Red waiting for her outside, they hug.

As seen in:

Ty and Amy first dance at their wedding as husband and wife.

As seen in:

Mac and Jack chase down Chen along with the truck carrying the virus.

As seen in:

Sisters Whitney & Shannon pick Alicia as their coach

As seen in:

Daisy takes the Secretary's words to heart; The Secretary, her staff and Colin's family welcome him back to the USA.

As seen in:

Robert and Jensen dancing a contemporary routine by Mandy Moore.

As seen in:

Introducing Courtney Penry; Courtney being told she didn't make it
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