As seen in Catfish: The TV Show S5 · E19 · Luis & Sydney:
Nev, Max & Luis head back to meet with Nae for the 2nd time

As seen in This is Us S1 · E1 · Pilot:
Begins with Kevin as he walks off-set after quitting, Then into the delivery room during the birth of Rebecca & Jack's 1st triplet when she goes into distress

As seen in Speechless S1 · E1 · P-i-Pilot:
Everyone chants "J.J." after he announces his candidacy for Student Body President from the stage at the carnival

As seen in Transparent S3 · E9 · Off the Grid:
Josh cries on Ali's shoulder after Colton asks him to leave; Josh gives Colton some of Rita's ashes; Ali drives herself and Josh back home to Cali as she does she tries to cheer up a forlorn Josh.

As seen in Ballers S2 · E10 · Game Day:
3rd song in strip club as Spencer shouts "I'm out of money!" and everything starts to spin

As seen in Ballers S2 · E10 · Game Day:
Spencer in hospital for surgery and plays into END CREDITS

As seen in The Blacklist S4 · E3 · Miles McGrath:
Elizabeth fakes crying to get out of the FBI directors office jumps information about AUSA Savino being on their case; Elizabeth calls Savino pretending to be directors assistant and gets him out of his office allowing her to get inside and snap pictures of information on Anges.

As seen in Divorce S1 · E1 · Pilot:
HBO "Parker Is Spot On" TRAILER for Season 1 Premiere

As seen in The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon S2017 · E28 · Jessica Biel, Ricky Martin, Robert Irwin, Rag'n'Bone Man, Chad Smith:
The Roots accompanied by guest drummer Chad Smith of the RHCP's perform a LIVE COVER VERSION of this as Jessica Biel comes out to take the guest seat

As seen in You Me Her S2 · E7 · Weird Janis and the White Trash Baby Vessel:
Playing in background in bar as Izzy & Nina are talking when Michelle comes up & tells them that Andy is a love junkie/serial monogamist

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