As seen in:

(Flashback) Romero takes Mobley to the Fun Society arcade, as they walk down the boardwalk.

As seen in:

Romero and Mobley leave the arcade; Montage of Manhattan; Elliots open montage; Elliot holds the phone frozen in place after hearing Tyrell's voice.

As seen in:

Tulip locks herself in the bathroom teasing Jesse and tells him to break down the door if they want to get inside which he does, they have sex.

As seen in:

Mindy and Danny cuddle on a doctors lounge couch and watch tv together after rekindling their relationship.

As seen in:

Dory, Drew, Elliott and Portia talk in the car / End Credits.

As seen in:

(0:05) Jonas arrives at the schoolyard in 1986

As seen in:

Philip heads to work; Paige waits for her shift; Elizabeth goes on her mission; Philip leaves work early and leaves a message.
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