As seen in:

(0:17) Sister Jude's hallucination in the common room while the song is played on Sister Mary Eunice's new jukebox

As seen in:

(0:43:18) Riley turns on music - heard by cluster 8; Wolfgang vocals as the karaoke music begins; Lito lays awake in bed with Hernando & Daniela; Capheus drives; Sun showers; Kala visits Wolfgang.

As seen in:

Marcel consoles Davina; Vincent says goodbye to Camille; Freya asks Elijah if Klaus will be alright; Hayley tells Camille that it's not fair that Hope will never know her; Elijah consoles Klaus.

As seen in:

Harry takes Joss the beach for a surprise date then proposes to her.

As seen in:

Montage of the city; Vincent showers when Cat surprises him by joining him, he asks an adverse reaction to the surprise.

As seen in:

Hannah and Clay dance together; repeats (28:50); repeats (32:17); repeats (52:56)

As seen in:

Elizabeth talks with her lady's maid, Jane, about the eros of a bathhouse then dismisses her; Elizabeth and Gideon kiss in the bath then discuss the plans for her birthday, suitors and their future.

As seen in:

Ending scene. Sutton puts her foot down on the contract with Oliver. Jane's lawsuit is being settled. Kat has a revelation and goes to find Adena.
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