As seen in Grey's Anatomy S12E19:
Meredith, Maggie & Amelia watch over Omar and as he crashes, they call Bailey; Bailey searches for her keys as Warren yells at her for not waking him; Callie tells Penny she loves her.  

As seen in The Blacklist S4E1:
(RADIO VERSION - Featured in episode) Red, Dembe and the team go after Alexander Kirk/Constatine; Mr. Kaplan find Agnes with Romina; Red watches Alexander takes off in his seaplane with Elizabeth.

As seen in The Blacklist S4E4:
Aram speech harshly too Samar; Tom and Elizabeth argue of Tom's actions to get Agnes back; Odette continues to plead with Alexander to use Agnes to treat himself; Red explains to Elizabeth why the case was so important to getting Agnes back then assure her their getting close; Elizabeth admits to Red that she's been in contact with Alexander through the video link, he comforts her.

As seen in Frequency S1E3:
Satch tries to convince Raimy to attend her mother funeral; Raimy returns to working on the Nightingale case; (1996) Frank works on the Nightingale case; Julia is drinks wine on her front porch.

As seen in Lucifer S2E13:
(Erich Lee Gravity Remix) Lucifer and Charolette are revived; Chloe continues to flatline; Amenadiel fights off the hospital security until Lucifer finally arrives with the cure for Chloe.

As seen in The Blacklist S4E12:
Whitehall is arrested; Natalie is returned to quarantine prison; Samar informs Aram she knows he gave her the %16 difference in the pay; Liz asks Tom how his adventure with Red went.

As seen in The Blacklist: Redemption S1E3:
Nez turns down Tom's invitation to coffee, and instead heads to her old drug dealer's place; Scottie informs Tom that she discovered Howard was searching for Christopher and that she's now determined to find out her son if he's alive.

As seen in The Blacklist: Redemption S1E6:
Under Dumont's guidance the team break into a warehouse to rescue Carlos and several of people; Rocha sacrifices his freedom to stop Burton from killing Carlos by shootng and killing Burton.

As seen in 13 Reasons Why S1E5:
Hannah and Clay dance together - plays at the beginning of the episode and at 28:50, 32:17, and 52:56

As seen in Riverdale S1E11:
Mary asks Fred about Archie and Veronica's relationship; Jughead interrupts Kevin & Joaquin's dance to ask about Betty; Betty confronts Archie & Veronica about working with her mother behind her back.

As seen in Grey's Anatomy S13E24:
Stephanie tells Richard she needs to finally live outside a hospital and that she quits; Nathan asks Meredith details about Megan, then hugs her in celebration and drives off; Owen finally sees Megan.

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