As seen in:

Claire talking/listening to her suitor in the strop club private room

As seen in:

Claire's first dance in the strip club

As seen in:

Opening of episode at the house party

As seen in:

Jackson sends April out on her Tinder date when she tries to stay home; Amelia arrives at the house after implosion with Owen; Mennick agrees to come board at the hospital then informs her she has work alone without Webber; Richard praises Eliza to Bailey.

As seen in:

Montage as surgery staff prepare the ER for a surgery; Meredith, Owen and Stephanie scrub in for the surgery, they discuss how long they've each been awaken then begin.

As seen in:

Brandon gets a chance on the line @ the restaurant he works at.

As seen in:

Emmett dancing with Keisha while watching a different girl Dance @ a house party.
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