As seen in Colony S1E3:
Broussard meets Quayle at the improvised shooting range.

As seen in Colony S1E10:
Proxy Synder goes to visit his daughter & try to get her out before the RAP's destroy the bloc.

As seen in Colony S1E10:
final 5 minutes of show

As seen in Colony S2E11:
Madie watching Hudson swim in pool until she hears gunshots.

As seen in The Originals S4E3:
(Flashback) Vincent practices magic openly outside of the Quarter when Eva arrives home and informs him that she ventured inside the Quarter to see Sophie Deveraux who told her she's pregnant.

As seen in The Originals S4E3:
Hayley arrives outside the gazebo out find that Elijah has set a romantic setting; Eljiah tells Hayley he was wrong to call her a Maekelson as she something better, something he loves and tells him she loves him too then kisses him; Elijah and Hayley makeout as make it back to room and begin to have sex.

As seen in The Originals S4E3:
Freya offers Keelin a deal; Hayley decides Klaus and Elijah are both comes back to New Orleans; (flashback) Vincent tries to rid Eva of her demon; a complied Will takes the children back.

As seen in The Originals S4E7:
Josh toasts to Davina and Cami's picture when Keelin storms in, in search of Freya.

As seen in The Originals S4E8:
Elijah and Marcel arrive at Jack's Bar-B-Q Shack to meet with Elijah's expert, Alaric, and begin to fight as soon as they enter; Marcel reavels he knows why Elijah brought him along with him.

As seen in The Originals S4E10:
Marcel tells Josh they'll need all the allies they can get to defeat the Hollow; Hayley tells Klaus about her trip into the "red door" in Elijah's mind, he tells her Elijah's the best of them.

As seen in The Originals S4E11:
Rebekah runs away after kissing Marcel; City overshot; Josh tells Davina she had to leave but she tells him she has find Kol when he arrives for her, they leave together.

As seen in The Originals S4E11:
Freya and Klaus start the spell to resurrect Elijah; Hayley goes Jack's cabin with beer and apologizes to him for not loving him enough; Elijah rewakens; Hayley promises to make sure Hope knows love; Klaus puts Hope back to bed and promises to show her all of her kingdom; Hope's eyes glow blue.

As seen in The Originals S4E12:
Freya brings Keelin coffee then shares her darkest fear that the Hollow gave her of Keelin's death and the blood on her hands; Freya and Keelin make it back to Freya's room and begin to make love.

As seen in The Originals S4E12:
The arrives to her assembled followers in Hope's body; Marcel, Sofia, Hayley, Vincent, Freya, Rebekah and Elijah gather themselves after losing against The Hollow; Klaus asks everyone to help fight

As seen in Fear The Walking Dead S3E5:
Jake works when Alicia comes to his quarters to apologise to him, she then begins to tells him the disapire she's fallen into since the world has changed and kisses him.

As seen in Fear The Walking Dead S3E5:
Nick awakens to find Luciana gone and only a note; Madison, Troy and the rest of the hunting party continue on; Alicia and Jake swim in th lake; Luciana reaches the border; End credits.

As seen in Killjoys S3E2:
Aneela climbs into a green plasma bath as Delle Seyah is brought in to talk with her.

As seen in Killjoys S3E4:
Dutch informs Pree that the Black Warrant was dropped, then she asks him what future is between him and Lachlan; John wakes up and is punched by Dutch; Zephyr unlocks the Remnant.

As seen in Killjoys S3E4:
The Killjoys celebration for John due to his reaching Level V status; Dutch announces the next round is on Turin, then comments on Pree's new assistant, Gared; John thanks Turin for helping him reach Level V, then Turin informs him that Dutch had previous blocked him from being promoted earlier.

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