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DC's Legends of Tomorrow "Time Remix" Extended Trailer

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Kara watches a hologram of her mother as they say the prayers of Rao; J'onn joins his father in prayer; A still troubled Alex joins Maggie in bed; Samantha heads into the bathroom.

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(Grand Junction, CO) Dean and Sam drive away from the crime scene; Sean's mother breaks down crying over his body; Dean receives a call, then the guys meet up with Cas.

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Kara and Alex drive back to their hometown of Midvale where their mother waits for them; Alex gives her mother a brief hug then heads into the house; Alex looks into the mirror after showering.

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(Vietnam - 1967) Ray, Amaya and Zuri arrive at a POW camp to find more despair than hope; Under the guise of journalists Ray, Amaya, and Zuri interview Stevens on Alpha teams disappearance.

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(Central City) Barry fights for King Shark when Iris contacts him to tell him they're missing RSVPs for the wedding; (Star City) Felicity contacts Oliver to make sure they're going to Barry and Iris' wedding; (England - Middle Ages) As the team battles, Sarah asks them if they made sure to RSVP for Barry and Iris' wedding then leave for the wedding; (National City - Earth 3) Supergirl fights a Dominator.

As seen in:

Montage as mysterious figure goes through his morning routine including changing his outer skin, then heads to work where he and his crew arrive at Rae's where Coulson and the team are having dinner
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