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Kat agrees to go with Pete to Ali's late night debrief party

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Catherine and Bailey talk in the limo. Amelia expresses doubts to Owen about his committment to her. Alex tries to call his mother's doctor.

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Rajesh tells Simon Hayes he has to move the project to New York.

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Maggie kisses Parker; Macy asks Maggie if she's scared of Parker's demon side; Galvin tells Macy he loves her, she then leads him up to her room; Mel goes with Jada to meet her parents.

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Amelia and Jackson tell Toby their mother is quadriplegic; Alex leaves a message for Jo; Alex tells Andrew to stop letting his father's problems affect his life.

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Alaric brings Josie to her and Lizzie's room to tell them about the Merge; Hope uses the crystal to apologize to Landon.

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Sam has visions of hooking up with her ex, Xander.

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After (2019)

Hardin and Tessa flee from the security guard in the library.
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