As seen in Person of Interest S4E5:
Plays during Root's shootout towards the end of the episode

As seen in Person of Interest S4E11:
escaping from break room and shooting down Samaritan agents.

As seen in Rookie Blue S6E1:
Chris discovers that Jamie is married to someone else in the police department; Juliet meets up with her boss; Traci tells Andy that Sex Crimes will be taking over the groups case.

As seen in Supergirl S1E6:
Jimmy, Lucy and General Lane continue with their tense dinner; Overshoot of the city; over drinks, Cat discusses anger and work with Kara and helps her get to the root of her anger.

As seen in The X-Files S10E5:
Final scene. Mulder and Scully's last dialog. Planet Earth.

As seen in The 100 S3E5:
Raven finally gives in and takes the chip/pill as she walks she begins to loose the pain in her leg when A.L.I.E. appears to her and tells her its time to go back to work. 

As seen in Shades of Blue S1E7:
Harlee is unable to sleep when Cristina comes and asks her whats wrong, she tells her to get ready; Mrs. Saperstein sits quietly in the waiting room; Carlos updates Wozniak on Saperstein's condition.

As seen in Supergirl S1E15:
Kara awakes to her alarm to find Alex at her door with donuts; Alex tries to convince Kara to come back to the DEO but Kara tells her that she thinks it's time for her be her own Supergirl. 

As seen in Grey's Anatomy S12E12:
Amelia takes Katie into surgery; Daphne informs Meredith that David is coming to see her, then Meredith & Nathan rush her into surgery; Meredith flashes back to her first day when she sees Katie.  

As seen in Supergirl S1E20:
The Danvers, Winn, Jimmy and Jonn gather for a party; Jimmy gives Kara a picture of Supergirl similar to the one he shot of Superman, they kiss; as they ready to toast something crash to earth.

As seen in Grey's Anatomy S12E20:
End montage (played throughout the last 4 minutes of the episode).

As seen in Person of Interest S5E1:
Opening sequence of the episode, containing scenes of each character fleeing Samaritan after the events of YHWH.

As seen in Grey's Anatomy S12E22:
Arizona operations to save Jenny's baby; Arizona waits outside the court house when Callie comes to talk with her; Judge Moss makes her decision; Callie breaks down; Arizona takes Sophia home.

As seen in Hawaii Five-0 S6E25:
The team and family waiting for Steve and Danny to come out of surgery. 

As seen in Notorious S1E1:
Trying to help with the story, Ryan approaches Ella at bar lounge and beings to chat her up.

As seen in Conviction (2016) S1E9:
Hayes and Wallace arrive back to their rooms shocked at Earl's death even though they managed to prove his innocence; Wallace pleads for Hayes to open her door, he comforts her & they kiss.

As seen in Conviction (2016) S1E12:
Hayes mulls over her father's words as Wallace talks to her about winning the case when he proposes to toast to himself & her knocking her out of her reverie.

As seen in Supergirl S2E14:
Alex drinks when Maggie stops by the asks about Jeremiah's first day, Alex breaks down in her arms; Kara mops on the couch when Mon-El arrives to check in on her.

As seen in Supergirl S2E16:
Mon-El tells Kara the truth about who he is and how he lives being a hero because he gets to work with her and that he loves her; Kara tells Mon-El that he won't hurt her again because they are over.

As seen in 13 Reasons Why S1E5:
Hannah and Clay dance together - plays at the beginning of the episode and at 28:50, 32:17, and 52:56

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