As seen in Grey's Anatomy S3E2:
Derek and Christina start surgery, Chief, Bailey, Kerev and Torres work on kid with a tree through him.

As seen in Grey's Anatomy S3E11:
Episode ending (Alex and Addison almost kiss; Meredith avoids her father; Burke and Cristina stare at each other, still not talking; Derek wakes up to the sound of Meredith snoring.)

As seen in Grey's Anatomy S4E1:
Izzie lectures her interns after saving the deer; new interns congratulate George on delivering a baby; Alex talks to Yang in basement with bag of coins from patient's gut; closing Meredith Monologue

As seen in Grey's Anatomy S4E11:
Elizabeth archer brought in to heal Tuck

As seen in Grey's Anatomy S5E18:
Mer and Derek take Izzie's brain scans and the residents find out Izzie is sick with cancer.

As seen in Grey's Anatomy S4E17:
Richard apologizes to Mere. Mark pushes Callie towards Hahn. Derek and Mere searching for each other. Richard tells Adele he's coming home. George thanks Lexie. Alex breaks down in Izzie's arms.

As seen in Grey's Anatomy S8E18:
Ending scene: Cristina throws cereal at Owen's face.

As seen in This Is Where I Leave You (2014):
Starting scene of the movie. Where Judd's walking to his office.

As seen in Quantico S1E10:
Alex, Miranda and Liam watch surveillance of Alex's classmates; Miranda talks to the NATs about background checks and investigations; the NATs vet potential new recruits.

As seen in Grey's Anatomy S2E26:
(Austin Cello Version)  Bailey, Burke, and Richard all try to save Melanie. Mere asks George if Marshall can apologize. Alex performs a c-section to save the baby. Melanie dies.

As seen in Suits S6E1:
Mike is left reeling after Frank reveals himself and his evil diabolical intentions about getting even with Harvey through Mike.

As seen in The Blacklist S4E1:
Red, Dembe and the team go after Alexander Kirk/Constatine; Mr. Kaplan find Agnes with Romina; Red watches Alexander takes off in his seaplane with Elizabeth.

As seen in Lucifer S2E5:
Lucifer reacts to killing Uriel; Chloe reads Trixie her bedtime story; Lucifer's mum comforts him after realizing he killed Uriel.

As seen in Quantico S2E9:
Ryan & Alex reveal AIC phones; Leon watches Nimah leave Shelby's; Harry tells Alex about radiation pill in Owen; Shelby puts BOLO out on Alex & Miranda; Miranda admits she's a terrorist.

As seen in Lucifer S2E13:
Lucifer tells Charlotte he refuses to keep being a pawn for her and his father; Chloe leaves Lucifer another message then arrives at his apartment only to find it empty and him gone. She looks lost.

As seen in Quantico S2E12:
Harry teaches art of misdirection; recruits take Harry's advise; Owen informs Alex that Lydia has gotten in contact; Sebastian & Carly have a date; recruits return with their stolen goods.

As seen in Riverdale S1E4:
Betty journals after making up with Archie; Ms Grundy leaves town; Jughead packs up his things and leaves the drive-in movie hut and has a brief conversation with his dad

As seen in Quantico S2E14:
Ryan receives a text; Dayana receives a text; Nimah receives her text; Alex & Shelby mull over seeing exes; Shelby goes to Caleb; Clay calls his mother; Alex takes Shelby to the Farm.

As seen in The Originals S4E6:
Josh asks Vincent he's plan for finding Marcel; Sofya arrives, she assures Dominic the Hollow weapon will take care of Klaus; Vincent compliments Klaus on his speech then asks what he'll do to help the cause.

As seen in The Originals S4E13:
(NYC) Marcel surpises Rebekah in the city confessing his love to her with a kiss and asks her to be with him forever; (San Francisco) Kol has jewellery made for Davina when she texts him; (Mystic Falls) Hayley watches Hope play with play with other magical children, Alaric advisies her its the best place for children like her to feel comfortable with themselves; Elijah plays the piano at bar, Klaus watches him from afar when they watch sight of one another Elijah nods to him even though he doesn't remember their connection.

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