As seen in Scorpion S1 · E12 · Dominoes:
The REAL song at the very end of the episode, while everyone is exchanging gifts and then watching the dominoes fall and set up the Xmas tree.  

As seen in Scorpion S2 · E10 · Arrivals and Departures:
Plays during montage of baby Ashta being born & Walter's sister Megan dying with Walter and his parents with her. 

As seen in Scorpion S2 · E21 · Twist And Shout:
The team heads back home from Vietnam. Walter talks to Pandova on the plane and Pandova presents the dog tags to his mother at the garage.   

As seen in Grace and Frankie S2 · E10 · The Loophole:
Frankie and Grace go their separate ways in the house. The song continues over end titles.

As seen in 13 Reasons Why S1 · E6 · Tape 3, Side B:
Clay tells his Mom she can't help. Zach comes back to Hannah in the diner to sit with her. Hannah's Dad brings flowers for her Mom.

As seen in Girlboss S1 · E12 · I Come Crashing:
Montage of Shane's band playing while Sophia and Annie work on Nasty Gal. Repeats at the end, when Sophia sees Shane cheating on her.

As seen in iZombie S3 · E4 · Wag the Tongue Slowly:
Major and his unit head out on thier first mission for Fillmore-Graves; Liv continues going through her printouts of TruthSayers forums when she finds a possible clue and heads to Clive to tell him.

As seen in Riverdale S1 · E11 · Chapter Eleven: To Riverdale and Back Again:
Cheryl tucks in Polly, sees her mom crying over Jason's murder, then palms her Nana's ring; Betty goes to Pop's looking for Jughead; Veronica and Archie tell Betty that FP is being framed for murder.

As seen in iZombie S3 · E5 · Spanking the Zombie:
The Stratching Post rages with partying zombies as Don E. and his new employee and friend doll out brains which he asks about; Don E. announces a round of drinks on him.

As seen in iZombie S3 · E5 · Spanking the Zombie:
Major tells Liv what she should do after He loses his memory; Liv and Major make love. Ravi administers the cure as the 3 say their goodbyes.

As seen in Riverdale S1 · E12 · Chapter Twelve: Anatomy of a Murder:
Sheriff Keller and the police arrive at the Blossom residence to arrest Cliff, but to find him hung in the barn by a rope while being surrounded by drugs

As seen in Sense8 S2 · E4 · Polyphony:
Amanita is running from someone, while Kala and Capheus are fighting through riots.

As seen in iZombie S3 · E6 · Some Like It Hot Mess:
(Walla Walla) Major wakes up in his old bedrom and goes how stairs to find his mother there.

As seen in iZombie S3 · E6 · Some Like It Hot Mess:
Blaine has himself a martini then begins to try to replicate Ravi's memory formula.

As seen in :
Official Trailer

As seen in The Flash S3 · E22 · Infantino Street:
Montage; H.R. brings Tracy coffee; Cisco gets an email from Felicity; Joe and Wally hug one another; Iris and Barry lie in bed and staring up at their ceiling as they take in the moment.

As seen in :
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