As seen in Suits S6 · E12 · The Painting:
Harvey broods at home when Donna arrives; repeats several times throughout the episode.

As seen in How to Get Away with Murder S3 · E15 · Wes:
Annalise goes to her old home; Laurel has morning sickness; Oliver calls the police station again; Connor continues to wait in holding; Asher tells Michaela he loves her; Laurel advises Michaela.

As seen in Riverdale S1 · E6 · Chapter Six: Faster, Pussycats! Kill! Kill!:
Betty and Jughead discouse Polly when Archie asks them what they're talking about; Archie offers to help Betty and Jughead with their plan to get to Polly, but Betty tells him no due him needing to practice for the talent show.

As seen in Bates Motel S5 · E4 · Hidden:
Norman and Madeleine have dinner, they discuss relationships and speaking up for theirselves; Norman urges Madeleine to talk with Sam when she asks if wants to bake a cake and watch a movie.

As seen in Bates Motel S5 · E4 · Hidden:
Madeleine and Norman bake a cake when they kiss then begin to make out.

As seen in Switched at Birth S5 · E7 · Memory (The Heart):
Ally applogizes to Bay for hurting her, Daphne and Regina and admits to all the things Daphne said and more, then Bay tells her she'll still do her tattoo but she has a different idea for it.

As seen in The Catch S2 · E3 · The Dining Hall:
Begins as Kohana Takashi, Jesse & Yumi arrive; Rhys seduces Kohana Takashi as Justine plays the host to distract Jesse; montage of Ben showing off his cooking skills.

As seen in Girls S6 · E7 · The Bounce:
Elijah is told he got the role in the musical; Hannah waits to see her doctor; End credits.

As seen in The Catch S2 · E4 · The Family Way:
Alice and Tommy hug when Tommy makes his choice between between the money and her, she tells him not to call, write or every come back as he leaves.

As seen in The Blacklist: Redemption S1 · E6 · Hostages:
Nez asks for Tom's help in getting off the drugs so that she can be proper help in rescuing Howard, then gives him the drugs; Scottie confronts Howard places Tom in her ranks to betrayal her.

As seen in Big Little Lies S1 · E7 · You Get What You Need:
Bonnie performs at the fundraiser.

As seen in Black-ish S3 · E20 · What Lies Beneath:
Diane and Jack continue to take advantage of their lack of supervision, Rainbow notices nothing.

As seen in Scandal S6 · E10 · The Decision:
Fitz arrives at Olivia apartment as she readies to leave for her date, he tells her he left Mellie and asks for her to marry him but still get on the elevator and then gets off she kisses him "yes".

As seen in Scandal S6 · E10 · The Decision:
Liv helps Huck with his suit then he walks her down th aisle; Eli watches from the back of the church; Liv comforts Huck when he has trouble letting her go of her; Liv and Fitz marry.

As seen in The Blacklist: Redemption S1 · E8 · Whitehall: Conclusion:
Kat faints from exhaustion after killing Daniel; Howard arrives at a building; Tom talks with Liz to tell her he'll be home in a few; On death's door, Kat arrives at Tom's with the truth on a flashdrive; Howard and Whitehall marvel at their quantum computer; Scottie sits in prison.

As seen in The Catch S2 · E6 · The Hard Drive:
Alice tries to confess about Ethan to Ben when he admits that he knew about Ethan and that his 'Christopher Hall' persona was based off Ethan; they're interrupted by Ethan knocking on the door.

As seen in Scandal S6 · E10 · The Decision:
Fitz's bitterness at Mellie running President which causes a fight between him and Liv; Fitz accuses Liv of cheating; Liv admits she could have fixed the presidential race for him; Fitz leaves.

As seen in Bates Motel S5 · E9 · Visiting Hours:
Audrey's body is cremated; Emma takes her mothers ash into the front and empties over a hill top.

As seen in Elementary S5 · E20 · The Art of Sleights and Deception:
Joan and Marcus say goodbye after she gives him to good news; Marcus calls for Chantal as he enters her apartment and when she doesn't answer he calls her phone which rings from her room; Chantal lies on the floor next to her phone, blood splattered near her and the phone.

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