As seen in Riverdale S1E11:
Cheryl tucks in Polly, sees her mom crying over Jason's murder, then palms her Nana's ring; Betty goes to Pop's looking for Jughead; Veronica and Archie tell Betty that FP is being framed for murder.

As seen in Quantico S2E20:
Ryan and Shelby hang out with beer, snacks and movies then Shelby suggests they discuss their feelings; Shelby and Ryan get the text that the president has been impeached.

As seen in Quantico S2E20:
Claire resignation as President is publicly televised; Shelby begins to cry as she watches; Clay leaves the White House; Alex goes to Owen for comfort, he tells where no casualties in the gas attack.

As seen in Quantico S2E20:
Clay tasks the group with finding dirty on Roarke; Montage; Ryan tells Shebly he's trying to track down Alex; Raina waits on contact from Felix; Clay asks Shelby for her advise then asks about Caleb.

As seen in Black-ish S3E23:
Zoey, Aaron and Miriam leave President Stock's office with forlorn faces and hunch showers on his orders then celebrate their win down the hall.

As seen in Riverdale S1E12:
Sheriff Keller and the police arrive at the Blossom residence to arrest Cliff, but to find him hung in the barn by a rope while being surrounded by drugs

As seen in Into The Badlands S2E8:
The Widow turns music on from her gramophone when Tilda comes to confronts her about return Viel to Quinn which she admits too; Odessa brings in one of Chau's deflicting clippers to the Widow.

As seen in The Originals S4E8:
Hayley kisses Elijah then sends him off to give the dagger to Marcel; Marcel tells her promises to keep with his code and tells her theres another way, she watches over him; Elijah arrives at Marcels.

As seen in Archer S8E7:
Barry/Dutch welding a halberd chases after Archer, Lane, Poovey, Figgis and Len on a motorcycle they all fire their guns at hime and continiously miss him; Archer takes Barry down.

As seen in Grey's Anatomy S13E24:
Stephanie passes out as the doctors work on Erin; Meredith checks on Nathan, then informs him that Megan is alive; Amelia and Owen arrive at the military hospital; Owen begins to zone out.

As seen in Pretty Little Liars S7E16:
Caleb plays a file on AD's hard-drive which begins to play Patsy Cline which Hanna recognizes as the same artist that was played in the Dollhouse; Hanna continues to disagree with Lucas begin AD when Caleb suggests it again.

As seen in Nashville S5E15:
(Bluebird Version) Hallie preforms at the Bluebird, Deacon and Avery fall in love with her sound begin to make plans for her potential album as Avery suggest to Deacon to sign her.

As seen in Nashville S5E15:
(Studio version) Hallie gives Avery's musicians a chance after hearing them play and heads into the studio to sing with them.

As seen in Nashville S5E15:
Juliette records a new song for her new album, Maddie watches to catch sight of Juliette's recording process.

As seen in Nashville S5E15:
Maddie sings a livestream apology to Clay with the help of Daphne; Will & Zach have dinner with Budweiser; Scarlett watch Gunnar sleep; Hallie listens the recordinf of her song; Clay leaves Nashville.

As seen in Nashville S5E15:
Scarlett tells Gunnar about Maddie having when notices that he's cleaned, romantically set the house and prepares homemade pasta for them but continues to feel distract by her own situtation.

As seen in The Originals S4E13:
(NYC) Marcel surpises Rebekah in the city confessing his love to her with a kiss and asks her to be with him forever; (San Francisco) Kol has jewellery made for Davina when she texts him; (Mystic Falls) Hayley watches Hope play with play with other magical children, Alaric advisies her its the best place for children like her to feel comfortable with themselves; Elijah plays the piano at bar, Klaus watches him from afar when they watch sight of one another Elijah nods to him even though he doesn't remember their connection.

As seen in Pretty Little Liars S7E20:
Aria reveals to Ezra that she can't have children, he embraces her in comfort.

As seen in iZombie S3E13:
Liv goes to Gold's house where she finds Tatum tanning and picks at her phone when she receives a text messages which all indicate that Discovery Day is imminent.

As seen in Fear The Walking Dead S3E8:
Jake and Troy carry their fathers body out of the house; Madison, Nick and Alicia watch Jermniah's casket; Troy and Jake ride away from ranch; Madison delivers Jereminah's decapitated head to Walker.

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