As seen in:

Lenny and Amahl head to somewhere warm as they begin their search; End credits.

As seen in:

Fred and Serena record a video pleading for Nichole's return to Gilead. End titles.

As seen in:

(0:06) Mary Louise arrives while the kids are making jack-o-lanterns.

As seen in:

Lenny mourns her daughter. Kerry, Farouk and Clark battle the Time Eaters using swords and guns. David fights the Time Eaters, using his powers to break out of a time loop.

As seen in:

(00:43) Madeline and Ed renew their vows; Mary Louise driving; montage of other characters.

As seen in:

Montage at the party: Jules staggering around, Kat making out in bathroom, Lexi chases after Rue as she leaves party, Rue is crying, Cassie goes home & drinks, McKay talking to his dad.

As seen in:

Title Card. A woman walks through the house handing out flowers. David looks for Lenny.

As seen in:

Opening scene; Alex sitting in police car while the sheriff is investigating Bryce's car
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