As seen in:

(0:45) Hughie, after being instructed by Billy how to plant the bug, prepares to enter the meeting room of "The 7", leaders of the Supes

As seen in:

Smurf is having a wild party. Angela shows up.

As seen in:

(Flashback) Santiago walks through the lobby. Gigi is upset by a fight with Felix; (repeats) Santiago's history with Beatriz, (Flashback) Santiago and Beatriz at the piano. He plays and she sings.

As seen in:

The Goldfinch

Theo telling Pippa how he feels about her.

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Cherice and Tina arrive at Kayla’s to tell her their stories about Shawn.

As seen in:

Sue battles it out with Ultraviolet in the bank before escaping from her.

As seen in:

Jackson tries to remedy small, bureaucratic mistakes other cops are making as per sergeant’s orders. Montage of him asking other cops to fix similar things.

As seen in:

At the clinic, Mary and Luke talk about Reggie's death and the possibility he didn't kill Luke's dad.
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