As seen in:

Teddy arrives at Owen’s and tells Amelia how she feels about Owen; Teddy’s water breaks.

As seen in:

El and Mike kiss in El’s room. Hopper watches Magnum P.I. until he begins to hear music from El's room. He angrily confronts El, only to find her and Mike doing nothing.

As seen in:

Josephine shows Clarke a memory of her and Gabriel.

As seen in:

Damon teaches a Vogue class at the YMCA; (repeats) Damon and Ricky go toe-to-toe at Blonde Ambition tour audition.

As seen in:

(0:45) Hughie, after being instructed by Billy how to plant the bug, prepares to enter the meeting room of "The 7", leaders of the Supes

As seen in:

Smurf is having a wild party. Angela shows up.

As seen in:

(Flashback) Santiago walks through the lobby. Gigi is upset by a fight with Felix; (repeats) Santiago's history with Beatriz, (Flashback) Santiago and Beatriz at the piano. He plays and she sings.

As seen in:

The Goldfinch

Theo telling Pippa how he feels about her.

As seen in:

Cherice and Tina arrive at Kayla’s to tell her their stories about Shawn.
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