As seen in:

Villanelle is in a cafe in Vienna eating ice-cream; Opening credits

As seen in:

Camille starts on her drive to Wind Gap. Repeats as she pulls up to the motel, and as she leaves the search.

As seen in:

Alan and Adora drive Camille and Amma to the clothing store.

As seen in:

Camille listens to this song in her headphones when woken up by Amma and her friends roller skating and running lines on the veranda. Repeats later as Camille drives to Willis’ motel; End credits.

As seen in:

Camille drives to Richard's motel (already on her way, when she switches her car radio like 2 secs).

As seen in:

Villanelle is riding in the back of the car on her way to hospital. Driver drops her off and she passes out.

As seen in:

Eve gets off the phone with the hospital. Villanelle tries to get up and throws her medicine away.
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