As seen in River S1 · E1 · Episode 1:
Opening scene in the car, Jackie is singing to the radio.

As seen in Blindspot S1 · E10 · Evil Handmade Instrument:
Oscar rescues Jane, Jane flashback back to a memory of herself and Oscar; Kurt leaves Jane a voice message; Bethany takes Patterson home; Edgar heads home; Tasha resigns from the FBI.

As seen in Ash vs Evil Dead S1 · E5 · The Host:
Ash inserts a new hand Pablo created. He, Pablo and Kelly then drive off. The song continues during the end credits.

As seen in The Leftovers S2 · E9 · Ten Thirteen:
Opening scene with Meg and her mother. Plays again later when Meg drives Tommy to Texas and again as closing credits..  

As seen in The Leftovers S2 · E9 · Ten Thirteen:
Meg leaves Tommy at the compound and drives to the Miracle camp, where she runs into Matt.  

As seen in Ash vs Evil Dead S1 · E6 · The Killer of Killers:
Amanda agrees to join Ash to fight deadites. The song starts right after Ash says "Lets Boogie!" and it continues during the credits.  

As seen in Doctor Who (2005) S9 · E12 · Hell Bent:
Music plays on a wireless when the Doctor enters the diner and offers to play music for food for his waitress (Clara), which she agrees too.

As seen in Silicon Valley S3 · E3 · Meinertzhagen's Haversack:
TECHNICALLY performed by URBANATOR w/H Hancock Version from Greatest Hits plays in the background as the Pied Piper guys discuss the plan to build a skunkworks company and try to hire Carla back

As seen in Person of Interest S5 · E10 · The Day The World Went Away:
Root and Shaw converse during the shootout with Samaritan's agents and rescue Harry. 'Shapes' conversation.

As seen in Preacher S1 · E4 · Monster Swamp:
DeBlanc eats when the "Angel" phone begins to ring.

As seen in Mr. Robot S2 · E3 · eps2.1_k3rnel-pan1c.ksd:
Romero and Mobley leave the arcade; Montage of Manhattan; Elliots open montage; Elliot holds the phone frozen in place after hearing Tyrell's voice.

As seen in The Get Down S1 · E3 · Darkness is Your Candle:
(CAST PERFORMANCE) Mylene (Herizen Guardiola) sings a LIVE COVER VERSION of this in the studio during the blackout with Jackie at the piano Plays over looting montage & Lydia finally leaving

As seen in The Get Down S1 · E3 · Darkness is Your Candle:
Song playing as Lydia & Papa Fuerte slow dance in his office during the blackout (Possibly recorded with Willie Colon altho not listed on soundtrack)

As seen in Rectify S4 · E5 · Pineapples in Paris:
Ted Jr. arrives at Tawney's house, grills steak, breaks into house and triggers alarm.

As seen in Scandal S6 · E2 · Hardball:
Frankie's funeral; Olivia watches Cyrus at the funueral; Mellie goes to meet Fitz and asks Charlotte to tell Marcus she wants to meet him; Mellie admires the oval office; Marcus finds Mellie gone.

As seen in This is Us S1 · E16 · Memphis:
CAST PERFORMANCE by William's cousin Ricky (Brian Tyree Henry) performing the song that William wrote. Original song written for show by Siddhartha Khosla & Chris Pierce

As seen in Legion S1 · E8 · Chapter 8:
(All 3 Pink Floyd song played simultaneously during the montage)

As seen in Scandal S6 · E10 · The Decision:
Liv helps Huck with his suit then he walks her down th aisle; Eli watches from the back of the church; Liv comforts Huck when he has trouble letting her go of her; Liv and Fitz marry.

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