Top TV Songs of 2023

Your favorite tunes, which made your heart race and compelled you to hit that search button, have all come together in our list of the top TV songs from 2023. This year brought us a mix of familiar beats and a wave of fresh tracks that dominated Tunefind.

Without further ado, Tunefind’s most popular TV songs of 2023…

10. Featured on The Last of Us

Fuel to Fire

by Agnes Obel

from The Last of Us  · Season 1 · Episode 5 · Endure and Survive

Joel and Ellie continue their journey; End credits.

9. Featured on Grey’s Anatomy

I Am Here

by Lindsey Ray, TAIINA

from Grey’s Anatomy · Season 19 · Episode 10 · Sisters Are Doin’ It for Themselves

Richard, Jules, and Maggie adjust a patient’s medicine; The patient and another character spend precious last moments together as they talk about a fantasy vacation.

8. Featured on The Good Doctor

Feeling Our Way Through The Dark

by Katie Garfield

from The Good Doctor · Season 6 · Episode 10 · Quiet and Loud

Glassman comes out of surgery and delivers the good news; They all celebrate; Lea and Shaun see a healthy ultrasound of their baby; they paint the nursery.

7. Featured on Will Trent

Nothing Else Matters

by Phoebe Bridgers

from Will Trent · Season 1 · Episode 11 · Bill Black

Will goes to the hospital to find Angie.

6. Featured on Shrinking

Dermot (see yourself in my eyes)

by Fred Again..

from Shrinking · Season 1 · Episode 9 · Moving Forward

Listening party; End credits.

5. Featured on Ginny & Georgia

Until I Found You – Em Beihold Version

by Stephen Sanchez, Em Beihold

from Ginny & Georgia · Season 2 · Episode 9 · Kill Gil

Georgia finds out she’s pregnant with Austin and tells Gill.

4. Featured on Ginny & Georgia


by Tramont

from Ginny & Georgia · Season 2 · Episode 1 · Welcome Back, Bitches!

Ginny sees Marcus skate past.

3. Featured on The Last of Us

Never Let Me Down Again

by Jessica Mazin

from The Last of Us  · Season 1 · Episode 6 · Kin

Ellie tries to wake Joel up after he collapses; End credits.

2. Featured on The Rookie: Feds

Best Friend (feat. NERVO, The Knocks & Alisa Ueno)

by Sofi Tucker

from The Rookie: Feds  · Season 1 · Episode 22 · Red One

Las Vegas montage; The hotel Manager lets Simone and Carter into Neal’s room; Carter and Simone investigate Neal’s room.

1. Featured on Grey’s Anatomy

Let It Be Hope

by Lxandra

from Grey’s Anatomy · Season 19 · Episode 7 · I’ll Follow the Sun

Meredith, Nick, and Simone fight to save a patient; Maggie, Winston, and Mika operate on a patient.

Congratulations to all the music supervisors whose work led people to discover new music in 2023, and to the shows, songs, and artists that made this year’s lists. Check out the lists for Tunefind’s most popular shows, movies, and artists of 2023.

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