Farewell: Top TV Shows for Music Discovery that Ended in 2021

Here at Tunefind we’re looking back at some of the highlights from 2021, including the top movie soundtracks, top new TV shows driving music discovery, top tv syncs, and most popular artists on Tunefind. Check out our handy compilation of all our year-end coverage at Round Up: Tunefind’s Best of 2021.

We have a lot of fun stories as we look back at highlights of film and TV music during 2021. But this is one sad note: A look back at some TV music powerhouse shows that aired their final episode this year. These shows are Tunefind fan favorites that have helped us discover thousands of new songs and artists over the past fifteen years.


Music Supervisors: Ben Hochstein, James Dooner

On My Block is full of Latin hip hop, salsa music, alongside artists like Khalid, H.E.R., and Billie Eilish. The Netflix teen dramedy came out of nowhere to dominate Tunefind’s trending music chart during season 1 and ran for three additional seasons. Early on, fan demand encouraged the release of two popular songs from On My Block season 1: ‘Just a Little’ by Bantu featuring Shungudzo and ‘Bottle Rocket’ by On My Block series composer, Kovas.

Final Season Fan Favorite:

Music Supervisor: Juan Tomás Tello

Debuting in Spain under the title La Casa de Papel (The House of Paper), the viral hit series was quickly picked up by Netflix and found a global fanbase. Fans have longed for the original score from Money Heist composers Ivan M. Lacamara and Manel Santisteban for five seasons. After the final episodes of the Spanish crime drama arrived on Netflix, a five-track EP was released. The series features artists like Cecilia Krull on multiple songs, including the theme song, ‘My Life Is Going On’.

Final Season Fan Favorite:

Music Supervisor: Kier Lehman

The HBO hit series is a perennial resident on Tunefind’s trending music chart, including recent top songs by Joyce Wrice and Fana Hues from the fifth and final season. From day one Insecure has been a hotbed of new music discovery, thanks to the careful curation of music supervisor Kier Lehman and series creator Issa Rae. Insecure won the Guild of Music Supervisors award for Best Music Supervision in a Television Comedy or Musical category in 2018 and a three-way tie in 2021. The series also won the Best Song/Recording Created for Television for ‘Quicksand’ by SZA at the 2018 GMS Awards. Season 1 took half the spots on The Hollywood Reporter August Top TV Songs chart.

Final Season Fan Favorite:

Music Supervisor: Brian Reitzell (S1), Billy Gottlieb (S2), Frank Palazzolo (s3)

The Starz fantasy drama series featured popular songs by Paul Cauthen and Leonard Cohen to soundtrack the show, based on Neil Gaiman’s novel of the same name. American Gods released a handful of singles, including the main title theme by season 1 composer, Brian Reitzell and season 1 album. A season 2 album followed with music by Danny Bensi and Saunder Jurriaans.

Final Season Fan Favorite:

You Want It Darker

by Leonard Cohen

from American Gods Soundtrack · Season 3 · Episode 7 · Fire and Ice

Tyr fetches Shadow to lead the All Father into …

Music Supervisor: Gabe Hilfer

Popular music has accompanied the stories of Cloud 9 store employees for six seasons. The hit NBC sitcom, Superstore gave fans memorable music moments from the beginning, featuring ‘Marry Me’ by Jason Derulo in the pilot and The Alan Wilkis remix of The Who’s ‘Baba O’Reilly’ in the season 1 finale. The final season featured artists like Miley Cyrus, Owl City, and Jimmy Eat World.

Final Season Fan Favorite:

Music Supervisor: Rob Lowry

The Bold Type jumped onto the scene in 2017 and was welcomed as one of Tunefind’s Top TV Shows Driving Music Discovery. Through five seasons, music supervisor Rob Lowry curated a female-focused pop soundtrack featuring artists like MILCK and Dagny.

Final Season Fan Favorite:

Time Alone


from The Bold Type Soundtrack · Season 5 · Episode 6 · I Expect You to Have Adventures

Opening, the girls start their day and meet up.

Music Supervisor: Andy Gowan (S1-3), Laura Webb & Lindsay Wolfington (S4)

Starting with it’s premiere season in 2017, Atypical has always sent fans scrambling to Tunefind to track down the music featured in the show. A dark comedy about an autistic teen who often wears headphones to block out loud sounds and music, the soundtrack has been integral to the show as Sam and his family navigate life with autism.

Final Season Fan Favorite:


by DillanPonders, Ruby Waters

from Atypical Soundtrack · Season 4 · Episode 1 · Magical Bird #1

Casey runs and sees graffiti.

Music Supervisors: Jonathan Leahy, Alison Rosenfeld Moses

Good Girls follows the action as three suburban moms take an unexpected detour into a life a crime just to make ends meet. With a wide-ranging soundtrack featuring the likes of Rosalía, Massive Attack, and Karen O, fans of the music featured were always quick to hit Tunefind.  A score album was released earlier this year featuring 27 tracks by series composers Drum & Lace and Ian Hultquist.

Final Season Fan Favorite:


by Laylow

from Good Girls Soundtrack · Season 4 · Episode 8 · Broken Toys

The girls spend the fake money at the strip club.

Music Supervisors: Ann Kline, Carly Van Skaik

The longest running show on this list, Shameless has been a powerhouse of new music discovery on Tunefind throughout its 11 seasons. With no composer providing original score, each episode was jam-packed with licensed music, often upwards of 20 tracks per episode. The chaos of the Gallagher family was soundtracked by over 2800 tracks over the span of the show.

Final Season Fan Favorite:

Music Supervisors: Alexandra Patsavas, Justin Kamps

Brought back to life by Lucifans and Netflix, Lucifer finally came to an end (really, this time) after six seasons full of popular songs. After making a huge splash in 2016 with the premiere season, Lucifer has dominated Tunefind’s Trending charts every year since as fans eagerly hunted down the show’s soundtrack. Lucifer released a cast performances album including those sought-after favorites from season 1 through 5, followed by a special season 5 episode soundtrack called, ‘Bloody Celesial Karaoke Jam.’

Final Season Fan Favorite:

Dirty Hands (Gone Mad)

by Kendra Dantes

from Lucifer Soundtrack · Season 6 · Episode 1 · Nothing Ever Changes Around Here

In Hell someone is sitting on the throne.


While these shows may have ended, die-hard fans can still relive the memories for most of them by rewatching on the various streaming services. And, of course, you can always take a trip down memory lane using Tunefind to make a playlist of your favorite songs.

For full details on this year’s most popular songs, artists, television shows, and movies in sync and more, check out our Round Up: Tunefind’s Best of 2021.

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