Top TV Song Last Week: Homecoming by Josh Ritter

Showtime’s original drama series, Billions, concluded with its 7th season finale on October 27, 2023. In its 7-year-long run, the series garnered both critic and audience appreciation as viewers followed Chuck Roades (played by Paul Giamatti), the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York, in pursuit of Bobby “Axe” Axelrod (played by Damian Lewis), a well-known philanthropist and hedge fund manager. A collision course saw each man attempt to outmaneuver the other with power and influence. 

The series soundtrack has been popular on Tunefind with a penchant for emotional and plot-driven sync placements. Last week’s top TV song returns to the top after first claiming the number 1 spot almost six years ago during the season 2 finale of Billions. This full-circle moment is brought to us by an American singer-songwriter with a distinctive Americana sound and storytelling lyrics.


by Josh Ritter

from Billions · Season 7 · Episode 12 · Admirals Fund

(0:51) Axe and Wendy say their goodbyes; Wendy talks to Chuck on the sidewalk.

‘Homecoming’ serves just that purpose as the delicate introductory strings softly commence towards the episode’s conclusion. The song is on a balanced display in the background of a dialogue between Axe and Wendy as they say their goodbyes. The track continues as the lyrics carry a transition that brings Wendy to the NYC street outside the building as Chuck waits for her on the sidewalk. 

The most recent placement strikes captivating parallels to the song’s original appearance in the season 2 finale of Billions. Fans who have followed the series through the seasons will no doubt resonate with the show’s use of the song to depict the feeling of palpable closure. 

I wrote ‘Homecoming’ in tribute to the first snap of cold air in the autumn, with the assuredness of home and friendship and longing.” — Josh Ritter

‘Homecoming’ was released in 2015 as the second single off Josh Ritter’s eighth studio album Sermon on the Rocks. When asked about the song’s return to Billions, Ritter shared his excitement and gratitude for the series’ use of the song. Josh told Tunefind, “I was so thrilled that ‘Homecoming’ was included in the final episode of Billions. I consider this show, which is so amazing and thoughtful, suspenseful and satisfying, a real work of art, and it’s so gratifying to find that my song resonated with the final scenes.” 

Josh continued, “I wrote ‘Homecoming’ in tribute to the first snap of cold air in the autumn, with the assuredness of home and friendship and longing. That it, in turn, found its home with such a remarkable cast of creators is a beautiful wonder to me. A huge thanks to Brian Koppelman and the whole cast and crew. What an honor!”

Born on October 21, 1976, in Moscow, Idaho, Josh Ritter’s love for music sparked when he heard Johnny Cash and Bob Dylan‘s ‘Girl from the North Country’ on his parents’ Nashville Skyline album. After graduating High School in 1995, Ritter attended Oberlin College, initially as a major in neuroscience. Later, he crafted an independent major, “American History Through Narrative Folk Music.” At 21, Ritter recorded his self-titled debut album on campus.

Post-Oberlin, Ritter ventured to Scotland for six months at the School of Scottish Studies, followed by a move to Providence, Rhode Island. There, he worked various jobs and performed at open mics in Boston. A fateful encounter at one such event with Irish musician Glen Hansard led to an invitation to Ireland as an opening act for Hansard’s band, The Frames.

Josh Ritter currently has 35 songs with over 60 appearances on Tunefind. His music has been featured in series including The Blacklist, Parenthood, Pretty Little Liars, Covert Affairs, and more.


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