Top TV Song Last Week: Right Now by Leo Soul

Last week’s top TV song took some detective work, but we finally tracked it down: Leo Soul’s “Right Now” took the top spot after it played during a steamy scene between Tommy and LaKeisha on Power.

Right Now

by Leo Soul

from Power Soundtrack · Season 4 · Episode 2 · Things Are Going to Get Worse

Tommy and LaKeisha have sex


The song was an unreleased mystery that put fans in a frenzy, pestering Starz and posting on Tunefind’s Q&A forums for that episode. We saw all the activity and helped out with the hunt, eventually tracking down the song (more on this fun story soon). Then we contacted Leo directly to let him know about all the fan interest, and he released the song on iTunes!

“That’s fantastic! This is super flattering – thank you for letting me know!” said Leo. “Glad people wanna hear it!”

You might recognize Leo’s work from other shows, including an episode of Lucifer earlier this year, which featured another of his tracks:

Do Ya Thang

by Leo Soul

from Lucifer Soundtrack · Season 1 · Episode 9 · A Priest Walks Into A Bar

Dancers at LUX dressed as nuns dance; Chloe tel…


Or this one, featured several times on Dancing With the Stars:

Clap Your Hands

by Leo Soul

from Dancing With the Stars Soundtrack · Season 23 · Episode 3 · Week 2: The Results

Opening number, with pros in all different colo…




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〉Check out the soundtrack for Power on Tunefind



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