Top TV Song Last Week: Silhouette by Aquilo

Fifteen seasons in and Grey’s Anatomy is still the master of heightening emotions with that perfect song choice. The special two-hour season premiere takes the top song last week.



by Aquilo

from Grey's Anatomy Soundtrack · Season 15 · Episode 1 · With a Wonder and a Wild Desire

Jackson talks to Maggie about fate and faith; A…


Grey’s had several songs in our top 10 this week, but it was Aquilo’s ‘Silhouette’ that took top honors.

“We always look for tracks that feel like Grey’s and Aquilo’s ‘Silhouette’ stood out at first listen,” shared music supervisor Alexandra Patsavas. “Cinematic and moving, it was the perfect tune to conclude Part 1 of the Season 15’s 2 part premiere.”

The song underscores a montage as Jackson contemplates fate and faith with Maggie, Amelia confesses her feelings to Owen, and Meredith considers a new direction for romance. With haunting vocals and ethereal strings, the song’s lyrics reflect on the idea of moving beyond the past, setting the tone of transitions to come for the Grey’s cast.

Aquilo’s sound marries indie pop with ambient, hitting a note Atwood called “cinematic melancholy.” Known as “the sad lads from up north,” Tom Higman and Ben Fletcher hail from a small town in the Lake District in the North of England. The atmospheric pop duo took their name from the Roman god of the North Wind.

“We don’t really write happy songs, because we only really write when we’re emotional,” Fletcher told Billboard. “When we’re happy we tend to not want to write songs, we just carry on being happy.”

The two spent four years evolving their sound via EPs prior to releasing their debut album, Silhouettes, in 2017. They credit Icelandic multi-instrumentalist/producer/composer Ólafur Arnalds and English singer-songwriter/producer SOHN with helping them solidify their sound on the album.

“I think once we’d met Ólafur Arnalds and we’d done a bit with SOHN, we started to get an idea of where it would go,” Higman and Fletcher told Atwood.

The title track ‘Silhouette’ proved pivotal for the duo, and became the obvious choice for setting the tone for the rest of the album, as well as the album name.

“I think we loved to start an album with a song that means so much to us, and also to start it with that string section,” Aquilo told Atwood. “ We went over to Reykjavik to work with Ólafur Arnalds and produced that song with him, and it was this absolute moment for the both of us… That song was a real turning point for us and the album.”



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