Top TV Song Last Week: Glow by Tom Tripp

Netflix series On My Block returned for season 3 on March 11th and has jumped to the top TV song spot with a moody R&B track from Tom Tripp.



by Tom Tripp

from On My Block Soundtrack · Season 3 · Episode 2 · Chapter Twenty-Two

Oscar is disappointed in Cesar.


“This was an important scene that, like many in our show, turns on an emotional dime,” music supervisors Ben Hochstein and Jamie Dooner told Tunefind. “One moment Cesar is excited about reconnecting with Monse, only to have the mood shattered when his brother Oscar gives a foreboding warning about their dad. It was important for the music to highlight this mood shift and simultaneously punch into the end credits.”

“We only pitched 4 songs for this spot when everyone agreed ‘Glow’ was the one!” Hochstein continued, “It’s very rare when we land upon the right song so quickly, but that just speaks to the power and layered emotions in Tom Tripp’s music.”

Hochstein and Dooner were thrilled by the fan response to the music.

“We were so excited to see the attention the song received after this placement. Hopefully we helped people discover this amazing artist!” said Dooner. “Beyond ‘Glow’, Tom Tripp has a ton of great music and is poised to be big in 2020!”

The single ‘Glow’ was released on July 9th in 2019 through Prime Sound & Polydor Records / Geffen Records. A London-native of Nigerian descent, Tom Tripp started making beats when he was just 12 years old. He is self-taught in guitar, bass and drums, as well as home recording/production. Tripp released his demo with his debut single ‘Aurelia’ in 2016 and was officially released in 2017 by R&B artist Nao on her Little Tokyo label.

A few months later, Tripp released his single ‘Helpline’ and then his debut EP, RED on his own label Prime Sound. He was picked up by Geffen Records in the U.S. and Polydor in the U.K. releasing his next single ‘Loving You More’ in 2018. Later that year, Tripp released his EP, BLACK. Tom Tripps latest EP FLAG was released in September 2019.

“A lot of my music is based on relationships that I’m going through and it’s like my diary. When something’s up, some people go to a therapist but for me, I go to the studio,” Tripp explained to Notion, following the release of FLAG.

“‘Glow’ came about when I met someone but it was so toxic.” Tripp recalled in the same interview. “I can stand on my own now but before I just needed something to latch onto. It’s been a journey of self-discovery.”

Tom Tripp took to Instagram to share his excitement about the ‘Glow’ placement in On My Block.

“Gassed to say my song ‘Glow’ is featured in the new season of Netflix Original: @onmyblock Written by me // Produced by me & @hermxn_ 🎬💰”

He posted again about the f

“‘GLOW’ is now a top 20 song in the US @shazam Charts 🇺🇸 🙌🏾 It’s also top 50 in the Global Charts 🌎”

He even took to Twitter to share a video of him watching the episode and scene featuring his song,



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