Fan Favorites: Most Popular Songs from The Last of Us Season 1

Looking for the songs featured in the first season of The Last of Us? Tunefind has complete song lists for each episode.

HBO’s video game adaptation The Last of Us has been a juggernaut of a series since it premiered on January 15, 2023. The series debut was watched by 4.7 million viewers on the first day across linear channels and HBO Max, the second highest number for HBO since 2010. 

As the season unfolded it garnered nearly 40 million viewers within two months and by March, the first six episodes averaged over 30 million viewers. Rotten Tomato critics have declared the series a success with the TV version having retained the “most beloved aspects of its source material.” Further claiming that “The Last of Us is binge-worthy TV that ranks among the all-time greatest video game adaptations.”

Not only was season one applauded for its writing, acting, and production design, but the series has reigned mighty on the Tunefind charts. Four out of the nine weeks that season one was airing, The Last of Us claimed the top TV song with placements such as, ‘On the Nature of Daylight’, ‘Fuel to Fire’, and ‘Never Let Me Down Again’. 

The season soundscape was rife with ethereal emotional ballads and plot-driven 80’s classics. The series simultaneously used music to support the narrative while also orchestrating viewer’s emotional reflexes. The series premiere, “When You’re Lost in the Darkness”, featured Depeche Mode‘s original version of ‘Never Let Me Down Again’, and a haunting cover by Jessica Mazin was featured in episode 6 called, “Kin”. Vintage artists ranging from Hank Williams to Linda Ronstadt made their way on screen and is any apocalyptic thriller complete without classic rock from artists such as Pearl Jam, Fleetwood Mac, and Cream?

Award-winning composer Gustavo Santaolalla‘s score stole the show, just as it did in the video games. Many of the series’ score tracks shared similarities between their video game counterparts, yet remained original to the unique feel of the series. Santaolalla’s instrumentals have a subtle but omnipresent feeling in the series’ post-apocalyptic landscape. Tunefind fans have meticulously added the score tracks with every episode averaging over 10 score entries per episode. 

The season 1 finale of The Last of Us aired on March 12, 2023 to over 1 million viewers. Tunefind is bringing you the fan favorite songs to comfort you while you wait for season 2. Check out the season’s most popular songs below, including Tunefind’s official playlist. 

Fan Favorite Songs from The Last of Us Season 1

Never Let Me Down Again

by Jessica Mazin





Season 1 Original Soundtrack

As always, Tunefind is tracking all the songs from The Last of Us. Check out the song lists for Season 1 here.

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