The Tunefind Vault: Timeless TV Soundtracks

With over 3,000 TV series currently listed on the database, that song you heard on TV likely has a place on Tunefind. Every year Tunefind publishes the top new TV shows driving music discovery, top TV syncs, and more in our end-of-year round up. As Tunefind continues to chronicle trending content, patterns emerge. Series with unforgettable soundscapes often find a special place in the Tunefind Vault.

These shows have been absent from the airwaves for years in some cases, and yet they continue to captivate audiences, continually igniting interest in their soundtracks. Whether it is a rebooted revival, a new spin-off, or a binge-able classic, the phenomenon of ‘everything old is new again’ takes center stage time and time again on Tunefind. 

What is the Tunefind Vault, you ask? A hall of fame for TV shows that have etched themselves into the hearts of audiences worldwide with their music. Shows with a knack for selecting tracks that resonate deeply with viewers often find a special place in the Tunefind Vault. To earn a place in the Tunefind Vault, the series has to be no longer airing new episodes. These special series are infinitely popular amongst Tunefind fans as new and old audiences search for these TV soundtracks.

How does a TV series make its way into the vault? It combines the immense talent of music supervisors, the trending data that Tunefind acquires, and of course, the continued interest from audiences and music lovers like you! 

Below we list some iconic shows that have already secured their spots and predict future additions to this prestigious vault. 


Oldies but Goodies

These are some of the incredible soundtracks that effortlessly find their way into our playlists year after year and remain secure in the Tunefind Vault.  

The Future of the Vault

Drawing insights from the data on Tunefind, we can make some educated guesses about which shows are likely to earn their spots in the Tunefind Vault. Consider genre-blending series such as Ozark or Better Call Saul, that experiment with sound to create new and unexpected atmospheres. From the moody and striking selections of Grey’s Anatomy to the heart-pounding and mysterious anthems of Stranger Things. These series are not quite finished telling their tales, or they ended just this year. When they do conclude however, it’s probably a safe bet that these shows will find a permanent home in the Tunefind Vault.

Keep an eye on the Tunefind blog for our end-of-year coverage to see if some of these predictions officially make their way into the Tunefind Vault. 


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