Sex and the City: Notes of Nostalgia and New Beginnings

From the bustling streets of New York to the intricacies of modern romance, Sex and the City offers a compelling story that celebrates friendship, love, and the unapologetic pursuit of one’s dreams. The series and its subsequent movies have masterfully created a one-of-a-kind soundscape. Now, most recently, with the sequel series And Just Like That…, the musical journey continues. Season 2 of And Just Like That… aired its finale on August 23, 2023, but fans need not fret because Max has officially renewed the series for a third season

As we finish watching season 2 and eagerly await the new episodes of season 3, Tunefind is diving into the music of the Sex and the City universe. Stories centered around fashionista Carrie Bradshaw often include equally glamorous and en-vogue soundtracks.

The Series

One can’t discuss the musical allure of Sex and the City without mentioning its iconic theme song. The jazzy, vibrant melody of the opening credits immediately transports viewers to the glamorous world of Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte, and Miranda. This theme has become synonymous with the show’s essence, perfectly capturing the spirit of friendship, love, and empowerment.


Composer Douglas Cuomo was brought in to create the track that would accompany the opening credit sequence of the series. Cuomo shared the story behind the Latin, cocktail-themed vibe of the main title piece stating, “I went to Virgin Records and found the “Space-Age Bachelor Pad” music section and thought that might work, so I hired a drummer and saxophone player for the demo and had about 10 days to do it.

Cuomo’s original theme received an update 10 years after the series first premiered when the first Sex and the City movie hit the silver screen in 2008. While still easily recognizable as the SATC theme song, the movie version manages to be even bigger, jazzier, and an ode to NYC fit for the Broadway stage.

Sex and the City first hit our screens on June 6, 1998, and wrapped things up on February 22, 2004, airing a total of 94 episodes over six fabulous seasons. Created by Darren Star for HBO, the stories are based on Candace Bushnell’s newspaper column and her book from 1996, of the same name. The show unfolds in the heart of New York City, where it details the journeys of a close knit group of four women as they traverse life, love, and friendship. 

Throughout the original series, music was carefully curated to complement the emotions and situations of the characters. From upbeat tracks that underscored the excitement of shoe shopping to soulful tunes that accompanied moments of heartbreak, the soundtrack was a sonic representation of the characters’ journeys.

The most popular tracks from each season of Sex and the City

Season 1
Meant to Be (Remastered 2016)

by Squirrel Nut Zippers

from Sex and the City Soundtrack · Season 1 · Episode 8 · Three’s a Crowd

At the end.

Season 2

by Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Michael Brook

from Sex and the City Soundtrack · Season 2 · Episode 9 · Old Dogs, New Dicks

Miranda and Steve talk on the phone.

Season 3
Above the Clouds (Thunderpuss Remix)

by Amber

from Sex and the City Soundtrack · Season 3 · Episode 18 · Cock-a-Doodle-Do!

End credits.

Season 4
By Your Side

by Sade

from Sex and the City Soundtrack · Season 4 · Episode 13 · The Good Fight

End credits.

Season 5
I Can’t Get Next To You

by Al Green

from Sex and the City Soundtrack · Season 5 · Episode 1 · Anchors Away

Carrie and the sailor dance.

Season 6
La belle et le bad boy

by MC Solaar

from Sex and the City Soundtrack · Season 6 · Episode 20 · An American Girl in Paris (Part Deux)

Carrie realizes she did not lose her necklace and is late for her own party.

The Movies

The first Sex and the City film was released in May 2008 and 2 years later Sex and the City 2 premiered in May 2010, both films are a continuation of the series. The music helps set the scene, evoke nostalgia, and bring the audience closer to the characters’ experiences.

Just like in the TV series, the movies use music to create a captivating atmosphere that resonates with viewers on an emotional level. Tracks from artists like Madonna, Alicia Keys, and Fergie blended seamlessly with the show’s narrative, creating a musical ambiance that charmed audiences. 


The Sequel

A sequel series titled And Just Like That… premiered on HBO Max in December 2021. The musical landscape has evolved since the original show, and the new series encompasses this change. While still maintaining its signature charm, And Just Like That… introduces a fresh sound that emulates the contemporary music scene. The inclusion of modern tracks injects a sense of relevance and relatability, bridging the gap between the two eras. The soundtrack now includes a blend of established artists and rising stars, representing the changing dynamics of the characters’ lives. 

One of the aspects that set both Sex and the City and And Just Like That… apart is their representation of New York City’s diverse music scene. Just like the city itself, the music in these shows spans numerous genres and cultures, reflecting the multicultural tapestry that is New York. From jazz clubs to indie gigs, the characters’ musical experiences embody the eclectic nature of the city they call home.

The musical elements of the Sex and the City universe have been a driving force in shaping its identity. From the timeless theme song that captures the essence of friendship to the ever-evolving soundtrack that personifies the characters’ journeys, music has been a constant companion in their lives. As we follow Carrie Bradshaw and her closest friends into this new chapter, we can be sure that the music will continue to be an integral part of their stories.

Check out Tunefind’s official playlist for the Most Popular Songs from the Sex and the City Universe below.



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