Top TV Song Last Week: You Belong To Me by Cat Pierce

Our top TV song last week is courtesy of the season premiere of the CW’s Riverdale, and a steamy scene between Archie and Veronica.



This is from Cat’s solo debut, but she’s one half of Birmingham-born sister duo The Pierces. You might recognize them from their song “Secret,” featured as the theme song to Pretty Little Liars. After 15 years and five albums paired up with sis Allison, “You Belong To Me” is Cat’s first track from her solo album, named simply CAT.

“I wrote this song while i was micro-dosing with mushrooms. When you micro-dose it’s supposed to be imperceptible, kind of just lift your mood a little, but I’m really sensitive and I was having some visions,” explains Catherine to Noisey. “I went for a walk and it felt like the plants and moon were communicating with me. This song just came pouring into my head. It’s about that beautiful, scary feeling of loving someone so much that you want to possess them and just allowing that madness to consume you for a bit.”

Pierce’s solo album is still pending release, but a second track, “Weapon of War,” is available online now.


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