Top TV Songs of 2019

Here at Tunefind we’re looking back at some of the highlights from 2019, including the top movie soundtracks, top new TV shows driving music discovery, top tv syncs, and most popular artists on Tunefind. Check out our handy compilation of all our year-end coverage at Round Up: Tunefind’s Best of 2019.  

Below is our list of the top TV songs from 2019–the songs YOU loved the most, and just had to find. Some familiar names and lot of new ones, these were the most in-demand tracks on Tunefind this year.

Keep in mind that we also saw a lot of popular unreleased tracks featured in TV shows this past year. Our fingers are still crossed that some of those will be released. But the list below contains only songs available on the major music streaming or download platforms.

Without further ado, Tunefind’s most popular TV songs of 2019…


10. Featured on The Blacklist

Hard Times (feat. Congratulationz)

by Vision Vision

from The Blacklist Soundtrack · Season 6 · Episode 2 · The Corsican

Red is transported by police while Liz talks wi…

9. Featured on Marvel’s The Punisher

The Woods

by The White Buffalo

from Marvel's The Punisher Soundtrack · Season 2 · Episode 8 · My Brother's Keeper

Frank visits his dead family's graves, while Di…

8. Featured on The Good Doctor

Got It In You (Acoustic)


from The Good Doctor Soundtrack · Season 2 · Episode 17 · Breakdown

Shaun loses control in the locker room; Claire …

7. Featured on Mindhunter

6. Featured on Grey’s Anatomy

Lost Without You

by Freya Ridings

from Grey's Anatomy Soundtrack · Season 15 · Episode 19 · Silent All These Years

The female staff of Grey-Sloan Memorial line al…

5. Featured on Sex Education

Mannish Boy

by Muddy Waters

from Sex Education Soundtrack · Season 1 · Episode 1

Opening, Adam and Aimee are intimate.

4. Featured on The Umbrella Academy

3. Featured on Euphoria

2. Featured on Game of Thrones

The Night King

by Ramin Djawadi

from Game of Thrones Soundtrack · Season 8 · Episode 3 · The Long Night

Scenes leading up to Arya killing the Night King

1. Featured on Lucifer

My Love Will Never Die

by AG, Claire Wyndham

from Lucifer Soundtrack · Season 4 · Episode 10 · Who's da New King of Hell?

Lucifer walks away from Chloe; He sits on his t…


For full details on this year’s most popular songs, artists, television shows, and movies in sync and more, check out our Round Up: Tunefind’s Best of 2019.

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