FAQ+: Tunefind Talks Library Music

Many devoted fans come to Tunefind searching for the song they just heard in their favorite movie, show, or video game and find precisely what they are looking for. Sometimes, fans come in search of their mystery song and discover that the track they are searching for has yet to be released commercially.

There are a myriad of potential reasons for this, and Tunefind discusses some of those reasons in the FAQ+ series articles FAQ+: Tunefind Explains Unreleased Music, part one and FAQ+: Tunefind Explains Unreleased Music, part two. In this entry of Tunefind’s FAQ+ series, we are checking out the shelves of production music libraries. Read on to learn more about what these collections are and the ways Tunefind credits the songs from the various libraries. 

Production music libraries, often called library music, are catalogs of pre-licensed music available to be used for sync placements. They are vast collections of music tracks composed explicitly for use in various media projects, ranging from epic film scores to catchy commercial jingles. These libraries are full of musical diversity, covering an array of genres and moods. Production libraries are often a go-to for advertising agencies, music supervisors, website builders, and production teams.

Just like any other form of music, production library tracks are the result of creativity and hard work. Composers, producers, and musicians invest time and effort into crafting these pieces that fit specific moods, scenes, or narratives. Properly crediting their work not only respects their artistic contribution but also helps fans who may come searching for the song. Tunefind will list these tracks depending on the information available.

If the performer is listed, then that’s the easy win to credit them in the artist field on Tunefind. However, if a composer or writer of a track can be identified instead of a performer, it’s preferred to credit the name of said artist. If the artist’s name cannot be verified, Tunefind will list the library the track came from so fans will know where to find the track in question.

Some of the popular production music libraries include APM Music, BMG Production Music, Extreme Music, 5 Alarm Music, FirstCom Music, Crucial Music, De Wolfe Music, and Vanacore Music. Of course, some libraries and artists will release the track commercially in addition to the library catalog. In those cases, Tunefind will link the song to its applicable streaming services. 

Production libraries often have multiple versions of the same track as well, including instrumental versions, different tempos, etc. This is why some songs will have letters in the title field, such as ‘Dark Rascal A’ or ‘In Summers Past (b).’ You may also notice different versions noted numerically in the title.

We hope this FAQ+ is helpful and informative! If you have any questions left unanswered, please feel free to reach out. Check out Tunefind’s FAQ and About sections for more information on the inner workings of Tunefind. Check out Tunefind News for more information about Tunefind and popular content.


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