Top TV Song Last Week: Remember by Seinabo Sey, feat. Jacob Banks

Starz hit series Power has the most popular song last week for the fourth time this season. A soulful song from Seinabo Sey, featuring Jacob Banks, plays during two separate scenes, launching the song to the top of Tunefind’s chart.


Remember (feat. Jacob Banks)

by Seinabo Sey

from Power Soundtrack · Season 6 · Episode 10 · No One Can Stop Me

Ghost is alone in his hotel room, Angela's ghos…


Music supervisor Jen Ross shared, “Being the mid-season finale of what has been an intense journey toward the ultimate end of Power as a series, this episode is filled with some very big music moments.”

In the first use, Ghost stands in reflective moments, having conversations with the ghosts of his deceased loved ones, Angela and Raina.  Ross reminds fans, “Keep in mind that this episode takes us on a crazy rollercoaster ride where every scene builds the concept that Ghost is finally going to win and get all he has wished and worked for.”

Ross continues, “Both times we use ‘Remember’ we are, for all intents and purposes, playing on this hope that the sun finally looks to be shining upon Ghost. Respectively, this song lends the perfect emotional and tonal accompaniment to support Ghost where he reflectively is looking to share a bittersweet ‘look I made it’ moment with two of his great loves that are no longer alive, Angela and Raina.”

‘Remember’ was released as a single with ‘I Owe You Nothing’ on March 16, 2018. Shortly after the release,  Sey released a Moonlight-inspired music video and shared insights about the track with Digital Dazed, “One part of me just wants to be remembered, wants people to like my music, and like me. Another part of me is like, ‘You know damn well that you’ve been liked and that doesn’t make you happier, but if you just want to be remembered we can fix that.’ I’m talking to my ego in a sense.”

Seinabo continued, “I teamed up with Jacob [Banks], and we turned it into more of a love song, but it’s about wanting to be remembered for all of the good things, and hoping that you can walk out of a relationship – whether it be with myself in time, or with a person – feeling a sense of freedom.”

Recalling this placement choice, Ross said, “This song found its way early into the temp of this episode as there was something rather magical about Seinabo Sey and Jacob Banks incredibly rich vocals singing ‘Remember Me, Remember Me, Remember Me Under The Sun.’  All in all it really shines as it is emotionally grounding yet foreshadowing all at the same time.”

Seinabo Sey was born in Stockholm and studied music from a young age, influenced by her Gambian father, Maudo, who was a well-known musician in West Africa. Sey blends confident vocals with vulnerable lyrics set against a soulful R&B and electro-pop sound.

Sey is best known for her chart-topping multi-platinum single ‘Younger,’ produced by Magnus Lidehäll. The track was remixed by Kygo in 2014 and included on her debut album Pretend in 2015. The 2015 album’s title track was featured in season 6 of HBO’s Girls. Sey has released numerous singles, two EPs – one dedicated to her mother and one for her father – and in September 2018, she released her second album, I’m A Dream. It’s this latest album that features ‘Remember.’

Jacob Banks was born in Nigeria and grew up in England. With a rich baritone, the singer/songwriter is influenced by a variety of genres and has become known for his multi-layered productions. Banks toured with Emile Sandé in 2013, released a single with Avelino in 2015, and has collaborated/guested on tracks with numerous big names.

Banks has released a series of EPs and released his first studio album Village in 2018 with Interscope Records. Village’s lead single ‘Be Good To Me’ features Seinabo Sey and received widespread praise alongside another popular track, ‘Unknown (To You),’ which was featured on Suits and The Resident.

This mid-season finale also featured another track by Jacob Banks – an unreleased cover of Power theme song ‘Big Rich Town’ by 50 Cent featuring Joe. Fans are eager for Banks’ version to be released as the excitement is building in this final season of Power.


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