Top TV Song Last Week: The Battle of Blood Ridge (feat. Thomas Edinger & Ryan Elder) by Rick and Morty

Adult Swim series Rick and Morty features original songs from composer Ryan Elder on a regular basis. Last week’s episode, “Rickternal Friendshine of the Spotless Mort”, features the most popular song on Tunefind. 



Rick has gone inside Birdperson’s subconscious. In order to save Birdperson and himself, Rick heads into the PTSD-Station of Birdperson’s mind. ‘The Battle of Blood Ridge’ is heard during a pivotal point in Rick and Birdperson’s friendship, an epic battle at Blood Ridge. The battle sequence continues as Birdperson and Rick fight side by side before the synth-driven song ends and the friends part ways. 

The Battle of Blood Ridge was a scene I was extremely excited to write music for,” Rick and Morty composer Ryan Elder shared with Tunefind. Elder explained his process stating, “I knew it needed to be absolutely badass and I wanted it to contain melodic elements of the show’s theme song.” Elder continued, “This is a moment in Rick and Morty‘s back story that is super important. The music needed to reflect that and make the scene as iconic as possible.” The Rick and Morty composer was sonically-inspired with this track, “Since it takes place in the past we decided to use the neo-retro style synthwave as the basis for the song.”

“To really put the cherry on top I contacted one of my favorite sax players, Thomas Edinger who, of course, completely took it to the next level,” Elder said about the Danish musician’s feature in ‘The Battle of Blood Ridge’. “I love this scene and I loved writing a song that helps bring it to life.”

Ryan Elder has previously gained attention for Rick and Morty with another top song during the season 4 finale, featuring composer/artist/producer Kotomi

In addition to composing for Rick and Morty, Elder co-composes for Harmonquest on VRV and Boss Baby: Back in Business on Netflix. The TV and film composer has a wide-range of experience writing music for FOX’s The Simpsons, Disney’s Wizards of Waverly Place and numerous advertising campaigns for brands like Toyota and New Balance. 

A multi-instrumentalist, Thomas Edinger was born in Denmark and began playing the saxophone at age 13. He’s played sax for many artists including Lukas Graham, The Rusty Trombones, The Antonelli Orchestra, and The Midnight. The Danish saxophonist began his musical experience by playing the drums and classical piano.

Edinger graduated from The Rhythmic Music Conservatory with a degree in saxophone/teaching in 2003. He continued to work as a freelance musician/composer while teaching there. Notably in 2012, he joined Lukas Graham for extensive touring in Denmark and Europe while also touring with Rasmus Seebach, Medina, and many others. Thomas Edinger has become a well-known studio musician and has recording credits with Jason Derulo, Snoop Dogg, Johnny Logan, and more.

Saxophonist Thomas Edinger retweeted composer Ryan Elder, sharing their gratitude for the collaboration and excitement about this original track: 

Rick and Morty released their first soundtrack album in 2018, full of original songs with credit to series composer Ryan Elder, which peaked at No. 1 on both the Billboard US Top Comedy Albums chart and the Billboard US Vinyl Albums chart. Now, original singles are released the day after the featuring episode airs. As usual, Tunefind tracks all the songs from Rick and Morty on Tunefind. 


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